Create First ASP.NET MVC Web application

 In this tutorial, I will explain how to create the MVC web application. before this tutorial please go through the previous articles. it will give brief information about architecture and its advantages.

Steps to create the application in visual  studio 2015
  1. Open the Visual studio 2015
  2. Select the File Menu and click on New
  3. Click on Project (after click you can find the one popup window)
  4. Select the Required Language ( Choose the Visual C#) at left Pane
  5. Choose the Asp.Net Web Application(.NET Framework) at the middle pane
  6. Give the Project Name, Location, Solution Name, and Framework at Down Pane.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Now you get one more Popup window to choose the MVC and click the OK button.
  9. you can change the Authentication at the 8th step by clicking on change authentication
  10. finally click the OK button at step 8 then visual studio creates the simple MVC Project.
  11. Press F5 to run the project in debug mode.
  12. Ctrl + F5 to run the project without debugging 

                    Step 1
Open The Visual Studio
                    Step 2
Create First ASP.NET MVC Web Application
Select Language and technology.
                    Step 3
Create First ASP.NET MVC Web Application
Give the Project Name and Location
                    Step 4
Create First ASP.NET MVC Web application
Select  MVC
                Step 5
how to create mvc project
Final Project
                     Step 6  
How to Create the we application
Application OutPut

creating an MVC web application is easy in visual studio. and you can find the application structure and it contains the different folders like App_Data, App_Start, Content, Controller, Model, Script, and Views. and two more files are very important in this structure. one is Global.asax and Web.Config files. These two files play the main roles in the MVC application. 

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