What is ASP.NET Core Main Method

 The ASP.NET Core Main method is the entry point for an ASP.NET Core application. It is the first method that is executed when the application starts. The Main method is responsible for configuring and starting the application.

The Main method is located in the Program class, which is typically defined in the Program.cs file in the root folder of the project.

Here's an example of a simple Main method:

ASP.NET Core Main Method

In this example, the Main method creates a host builder using the CreateDefaultBuilder method, which sets up the default configuration for the host. The host builder is then configured to use the web host with the ConfigureWebHostDefaults method, which specifies the Startup class to use for configuring the application.

The Main method then builds the host and runs it using the Run method.

The Main method can be used to perform additional configuration, such as adding middleware, setting up logging, or configuring the application services.

The ASP.NET Core Main method is similar to the Main method in a console application. However, in an ASP.NET Core application, the Main method is used to configure and start the web host, whereas in a console application, the Main method typically contains the main logic of the application.

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